Bradley Dixon

Profile Updated: January 14, 2017
Residing In: Winter Haven, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Divorced
Occupation: State Farm
Children: Kylee - 19
Carter- 16
Ryan - 14
Liam - 8

Graduated from Ball State in 1993 with a degree in Psych/Soc.two degrees to get you nowhere. I moved to South Bend to counsel kids. No kidding. I was married in 1996, and Kylee was born around 9 months later. We had two more children, and uprooted to Maine. WAAAYY too cold. We spent four years there while I managed a railroad. It's basically 50 year old men playing train for a living, and cussing like kids. In 2006 we'd had enough snow, and moved to Lake Monticello, VA. One more son was born. I work for State Farm, got divorced, and moved to Winter Haven, FL.

School Story:

Hung out with Mike Feagans, Scott Martin, Steve Baxter, and Troy Gill. Troy and I worked at the Noble Romans, and some moron gave us the keys to the kegs. Great weekends, fun playing ball, and summers playing basketball at the park. I was much more of a smart-@#$ than I should have been, and I wish I wouldn't have acted like that.
I attended Dale Anderson's funeral the summer I graduated from college, and it honestly still shakes me up. Seeing that Craig Payton passed away hurts, as well. I played every sport with him long ago, and he was a funny guy.
I rememer having a mullet...well I don't remember it so much as deny it. Still a big item here in Virginia. (Not for me, though).

Teacher/Coach who made the biggest impression on me and why:

Sheldon Buskirk- He was a good guy. Really tried to help, and he tipped me off when the police showed up for my "Fail to Appear in Court" for a ticket I had already paid. Luckily I had parked in the back lot that day.
Also, Mr. Battaglia - I wasn't in band long (I got kicked out), but I never had hard feelings against him, and he never held them against me even though it was my fault. He was a good guy too.

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